Swamped Chapter 144 Page 7

“What do you know about the sea shells?” you ask. “One of the priests we rescued mentioned that he’d had one, but it had gone missing. And we’ve had several turn up tonight.”

“I am but a humble disciple, and not informed of the details of holy artifacts,” Drip replies. “All I know are generalities – that they have power granted to them by Nual, but their strongest powers can only be used by a few. Perhaps it plays some role in whatever they hope to achieve with the captured priests – but that is merely a guess.”

Well. In that case, you might as well bring up the other point that priest told you about.

“The priest also said my costume was filled with Brume’s aura. I wasn’t clear on what that meant, but it strikes me that you were with me up until the rescue and you never mentioned anything about it. So, did you notice that?”

Drip pauses.

“I did not notice that, precisely,” he says. “But now that you bring it up, there is a difference in your aura now.”

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