Swamped Chapter 144 Page 6

“It’s the writing room, isn’t it?” you ask Drip.

“I am not familiar with the layout,” he replies. “But I detect the aura in that direction.”

Yeah, that’s what you thought.

“There was a playwright here who drafted hundreds of plays. Only three got to a point they were actually performed. But all the partial scripts were written and stored in this very theater,” you explain.

“What, and the words had ether in them?” Bert asks. He seems unconvinced.

“That seems unlikely,” Drip agrees. “However, I understand that wizards are known to store spells in books. It seems plausible that a large collection of paper could be used to store ether, either as prepared spells or to have more on hand.”

“And that’s probably where our wizard is,” you conclude.

“And we’re just going to run right in?” Bert asks incredulously. “If that really is a bunch of spellbooks, who knows what the wizard could do to us?”

“Would you rather just leave him there doing gods-know-what?” you point out. “I wouldn’t. But you’re right that this won’t be easy. We’re going to need a plan.”

“Unfortunately, I do not believe I know anything that can help you with that,” Drip says. “Though I suppose you are free to ask, in case I turn out to be wrong on that.”

Well, now that he mentions it, there’s a question that’s been on your mind for a while.

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