Swamped Chapter 144 Page 5

“The common thread between the captives was not, strictly speaking, that they were priests,” Drip continues. “Rather, it is that they have the capacity to become a priest – a connection to one of the gods. I heard that one of their number was a farmer who could hear Reth, but never sought the priesthood.”

“And Minnie can see auras,” you say. “So she might have a connection, too?”

“It is very possible. If she comes this way, you must warn her what she is up against.”

“Well, we should get you out of here, then,” Bert interjects. “Maybe you can find this friend of yours and between the two of you, find a way to get the other priests to safety.”

“That seems wise,” Drip agrees. “I should be able to recognize her aura when she approaches. But before that, I had best tell you where their leader is. Be warned, the leader seems to be a wizard – not an especially powerful one, but from what I overheard, their spells are highly unconventional. And, as best as I can tell, the room they’re in holds an unusually high quantity of ether – likely in order to manage the control spell on the priests.”

“Why would there be a lot of ether in a theater?” Bert asks. “I mean, I’m no expert on the stuff, but isn’t it basically everywhere?”

“Actually, just hearing that, I’ve got a pretty good idea where it is,” you reply. “And why there’s so much ether in there.”

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