Swamped Chapter 144 Page 4

Threats coming from the priest’s mouth won’t scare them. But what if you seem to lose control of yours?

“I don’t think you really speak for any gods. At most you’ve got parlor tricks. Sure, some might be impressive parlor tricks, but…”

You suddenly stop. You hear several people’s breathing get faster.

“Somethin’ wrong?” a gang member asks.

“I am Nual!” you declare suddenly. “I have seized this heathen’s mouth to deliver a warning. The Guild has blasphemed against my ocean, and those who aid it have one last chance to be spared my wrath. Leave now, or you will be washed away with them.”

You immediately hear five pairs of feet scrambling away. But there were eight by your count.

So you take the next step and close your eyes, then fall over backwards. Two more run off.

“It’s all a big trick!” the last one shouts. You think you know which one that is. But his words are soon muffled, and as you open your eyes, you see Bert holding him down.

Drip takes the opportunity to knock him out.

“We had best move quickly,” he says. “I believe all the ones you scared are fleeing the theater entirely, but they are likely to draw attention from the others.”

“Okay, but what are we doing, exactly?” you ask, as you pick yourself up. “What’d you manage to figure out?”

“I know where their leader is,” Drip replies. “I do not think it safe for me to confront them directly, considering they likely cast the spell controlling the priests. I will tell you where they are, but there is one other matter that should also be taken care of promptly.”

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