Swamped Chapter 143 Page 27

“I know they’ve got bells here,” you continue, without getting up yet. “I saw one on a door. Maybe they’ve got extras? Worth asking before we go running around trying to break into a shop for more…”

There’s a loud ringing from down below.

“Now that sounds like an alarm,” you say as you stand up. “Since you two aren’t doing anything, maybe you should go and look into that. After all, it’s apparently busy here right now.”

“Why don’t you?” Necklace asks defiantly.

“Well, if you’d rather, you could check down the hall up ahead, ’cause I think I just saw a greatrat run that way,” Bert replies.

That seems to settle it. The two of them run off for the stairway.

“Hope that didn’t draw too much attention,” you mutter. “I’m sure Mina can handle those two, but we don’t know who else might have heard it.”

“Considering they’re understaffed and most of the staff they have aren’t exactly trained for guard duty, I think she’ll be all right,” Bert says. “She’s handled worse. I should know, I got roped into handling it with her.”

You continue down the hall, and soon find about a half-dozen large gang members standing outside a door, just staring at it. This is probably where Drip is, though you can’t get a good vantage point to actually see in.

You know enough about the theater’s layout to realize what room this is, though.

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