Swamped Chapter 143 Page 24

“I’d be happy to show you how good I am with a quick game of cards,” you reply, “but I’m not sure we have time.”

“What, you think the priest’s going to get away? He hasn’t made a move in a while,” Necklace says. “A game’ll take what, ten minutes?”

“No, I mean I’m pretty sure I heard a greatrat.”

Earrings and Necklace glance at each other, and their expressions tell you even more than they tell each other. They clearly didn’t hear anything, but they also don’t feel confident they were paying enough attention to.

“How can you tell it’s a greatrat?” Earrings asks skeptically. “Could just be someone moving stuff. We’re pretty busy right now, you know.”

“Everyone here is wearing masks,” you point out. “Even if somebody’s breathing sounds enough like a growling greatrat to fool me, the masks would make it sound way more muffled.”

Now they look concerned. Still skeptical, but afraid you might be serious.

You just need to sell them a little harder on the idea. You haven’t decided yet whether you’re going to actually scare them off or just declare it a successful bluff, but you don’t think you need to make up your mind on that just yet. For now, you just want to push them a little harder into believing.

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  1. Were you in the crew that scoped this place out before the operation? I heard they found some… Stop. Do you hear that?

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