Swamped Chapter 143 Page 20

Well, there’s one Guild name you know.

“Flame sent us,” you reply.

The guard looks confused.

“He sent you here? But he hasn’t contacted us in more than an hour! If he’s got time to watch the theater, why in the hells hasn’t he sent a reply?”

“Sorry, I think she got a little mixed up by your question,” Bert interjects. “Flame sent us to keep watch on the theater two hours ago. When we saw the fire, we came running to see what was up.”

“What, he told you to keep an eye on the theater just in case it caught fire?” the guard asks. Now he’s getting skeptical.

But you can turn that back on him, can’t you.

“That’s not what he told us, but I don’t see why what he said is any of your business,” you reply.

“What in the hells is that supposed to mean?” he asks.

“It means maybe¬†you’re trying to squeeze some info out of us,” you say dryly. “Maybe you work for someone else who wants to know what’s up tonight, and you’re hoping to put us on the defensive so we tell you more than we should.”

“It’s pretty strange that he mentioned the bucket has saltwater, now that you mention it,” Bert adds. “I mean, if it’s to douse the fire, it doesn’t matter either way, right? Could be he stumbled on a passphrase and he’s just trying to see who reacts to it.”

“What… Are you calling my loyalty into question? For real?” He sounds very upset.

But you think you don’t want to push this too far. You got him off the subject of what you’re doing here, so now you just need to make a good show of being convinced. But not too easily – he has to suspect that’s sincere.

So you’ll need to think carefully about what to say.

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  1. We all need to calm down, enough things have gone wrong tonight that we can’t afford more mistakes or interlopers, you can’t blame us for being suspicious and on edge. I don’t suppose you’ve had any luck catching the arsonist?

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