Swamped Chapter 143 Page 19

Bert’s asked a good question. But you have a pretty good idea of the answer.

“The prop room,” you reply. “They would have needed to get to the marionettes in there.”

Bert looks confused.

“Wouldn’t that be where they came from, not where they’re going?”

“No, because I don’t think they were done in there,” you reply. Bert is about to ask something, but you spot someone coming and signal to him to hush.

Another guard walks towards you, carrying a bucket.

As he approaches, he looks wary, then pauses just as you pass him.

“Excuse me,” he says. “Where should I put this saltwater?”

Hells. Your mind jumps to the note the blacksmith showed you.

When you send the messenger over for Part Three, instruct them to carry a bucket and ask “Where should I put this saltwater?”

But the note didn’t say what the response should be. That was probably managed through other channels. Which means he’s probably not looking for confirmation on the passphrase per se, but on whether you know it. Which someone stationed here should.

Wait – but you told the others you’d been sent to check for help. So your cover story should still hold.

“I don’t know,” you reply. “We weren’t stationed here, we just came to investigate the fire.”

He looks pretty skeptical.

“And who, exactly sent you?” he asks.

Uh-oh. You get the sense this guy’s full-on Guild – he knows who the players are. Which means you’ll need a good answer to get him off your back.

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