Swamped Chapter 143 Page 17

“We’re going on a supply run,” you reply. “Heard you lost a lot of lamp oil, so we need to know what type it is.”

They give you a funny look.

“Why’s that matter? Doesn’t it just need to burn?”

“Different lamps take different grades,” you reply. Good to know this guard doesn’t know what they’re guarding. It suggests whoever stationed them here doesn’t know much about it, either. “They burn at different rates. Plus there’s minor differences in composition, which can sometimes cause problems if different types mix. So it’s really best to stick with one kind.”

The guard looks annoyed at dealing with this. They grunt before glancing back.

“Hang on, I’ll have a quick look. Maybe one of the containers is intact enough to say.”

They head into the room, but give you a look that suggests you’d better not go poking around yourself. Well, that’s fine by you – you’ll settle for just looking in while they’re searching. Maybe you can find a clue to where Drip’s gone.

And soon enough, you spot something. You don’t know if it’s a clue, but it’s definitely unusual.

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