Swamped Chapter 143 Page 14

Only for a moment, though. Whatever it is, it quickly scurries away. You think it was a lizard, since you’re not aware of any rats with blue tails.

Well, really, it’s hardly strange for animals to take up residence in abandoned buildings. There’s no one looking to keep them out, and the guards here tonight probably don’t especially care. At least, not about small creatures. They’d probably be concerned if they spotted a greatrat, though.

Which gives you an idea to try out if you run into any guards. As it turns out, that happens rather soon as you approach the back route to the stage – there’s three of them waiting.

“Hold it,” one of them says. “You don’t look familiar.”

“We got called to investigate when one of ours spotted the fire,” you reply. “What happened?”

They glance at each other for a bit, then start whispering. But your ears are better than they think.

“Might have taken masks,” one of them mutters. “We found some missing on the injured.”

“Yeah, but they didn’t tell us any passwords. How are we supposed to check? If they really are here to help, we could sure use it.”

“Hang on, I’ve got it,” one of them mutters. She steps forward. “Can’t get into details, but there’s some supplies we could use. Maybe you can go fetch ’em for us.”

It’s not hard to work out what she’s thinking. If you’re for real, you get the supplies. If you’re fake, you either bail or you get the supplies anyways and they’ll have informed whoever’s in charge by the time you get back. You think it’s safest to play along for the moment – you can work out your next move after hearing the request.

“Sure,” you reply. “What do you need?”

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