Swamped Chapter 143 Page 13

“Well, these guards don’t have proper uniforms, probably because they’re not proper guards,” you muse. “So the masks will serve as something of an identifier. And we’ve got masks. Of course, those Redbelly outfits of yours will stand out…”

“Says the woman in the animal costume,” Bert says, slightly annoyed.

“It’s a spirit costume, I’ll have you know.”

“Either way, the point is we’ll need to change if we’re going to pass as guards,” Mina interjects. “How dressed are you under that?”

“Fully,” you reply. “What about you under the armor?”

“Mine’s too tight a fit for a shirt,” Bert grumbles.

“I’ve got a shirt on, but it stands out somewhat,” Mina replies. “Seems it’s easiest for you to change.”

You’re more than a little disappointed. You’ve had to take the mask off already and you can’t say you were thrilled about it.

“Well, really it’s just the red parts. Why are you even dressed like that, anyway? Those colors aren’t exactly popular in this town.”

“Part of the show we’re going to do,” Bert says. “But our wagon broke down. That’s why we went on ahead, and Leon insisted we bring as many props as we could…”

“So we wore some costume armor,” Mina finishes. “We do have proper clothes packed, but we left those with another troupe member. Who we can’t exactly contact easily.”

“Well, this is a dressing room,” you point out. “Might be some old costumes here. Probably not in great shape after all these years, but we might be able to use them to cover you up a bit.”

“It’s worth a shot. I’ll take a look while you get that costume off,” Bert says.

You’re not happy about this, but they’ve got a point. You slip behind one of the privacy partitions, and get fully out of costume. When you leave, you see Bert’s got an overcoat on.

“A couple of holes in it, but it mostly fits the bill,” he says. “Doesn’t stand out much, either.”

“Unfortunately, everything else is either too worn-out or too flashy,” Mina says. “So I’ll stick around here. I can watch that costume for you.”

Reluctantly, you hand it over.

“It’s very important to you, isn’t it,” Mina says, looking you right in the eyes. “I’ll take very good care of it.”

“Hopefully I’ll be able to get it back before long,” you sigh. Then you head out with Bert.

You don’t see anyone else in the hall, but something does catch your eye.

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