Swamped Chapter 143 Page 10

You carefully lift his eyelid. No reaction. You shake him hard. There’s a brief snort, but nothing else.

“Going to need something stronger,” you mutter. “I think that was a reflex action. We’ll need something stronger to stimulate him. Water would be nice, but the ocean’s not exactly close. I had a flask, but I used it for something on the way here…”

And then you hear a very loud ringing sound.

If you had to guess, you’d say it took some time for the air to get humid again after you took the shell away. You hadn’t even thought much about it when the priest brought up a shell, since the one you found wasn’t as colorful. But it seems that there’s enough for the alarm to ring. And that seems to have woken up the guard.

Probably other guards are being roused, at that. Fortunately, the noise is loud enough that it’s mostly drowning out his scream. You still cover his mouth, just in case.

“Tell us the password and we’ll make it all stop,” you say. You lift your hand from his mouth slightly.

“Password?” he mutters weakly. He seems dazed, which is probably to be understood. “They didn’t give me a password. Just told me to make sure nobody tried to hide in here…”

He seems a little more wary all of a sudden. He’s starting to regain his senses. That won’t help you much – he’ll probably just call for help. You can stop him from doing that, but you won’t get much more information out of him if you do.

So maybe it would be best to ask a more direct question before he’s thinking too clearly.

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