Swamped Chapter 143 Page 9

“It looks like a seashell. Very colorful, and it doesn’t look as though it’s lost any of that color,” he explains. “About this big, and…”

“I think I know where it is, or at least something very much like it,” you interject. “On the offchance there’s two of them, though, I should be able to recognize it.”

The priest looks concerned.

“I hope there aren’t two,” he says. “One’s caused enough trouble.”

That seems worth keeping in mind.

“I’ll talk to you about that when we’re done,” you tell him. “Thanks for the heads-up.”

You go back towards the theater. Glancing up, you can see a cloud of smoke, but you can’t quite tell where it’s coming from. Definitely not the back, though.

“Do you know where that smoke’s coming from?” Mina asks. “You seem familiar with this place.”

“Not enough to recognize that spot at a glance, I’m afraid,” you reply.

“Then I suppose we slip in the same way and see if we can figure something out,” she says.

You nod, and head through the hidden door. It’s still open, but nobody’s actually on guard inside so it doesn’t make much difference.

“We could try eavesdropping on the guards, or see if we can take one and question them,” Bert suggests.

“They’ll probably be on alert after the stunt we pulled earlier,” Mina says. “In fact, once they’ve gathered themselves, they’ll no doubt check here because they won’t be able to find this unconscious fellow and they’ll know he was on watch in this room.”

You pause for a moment.

“Well, hold on. If we want to question a guard, can’t we just wake this one up?”

“He’s out pretty hard, and even if we did wake him, he won’t know anything that’s happened since he was knocked out,” Mina points out. “But he might be a useful source of general information, so that seems worth a shot. Got any thoughts for how to rouse him?”

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