Swamped Chapter 143 Page 8

“Important enough that it can’t wait for us to get back?” you ask.

“I am not sure of precisely what it means. I only know it is important.” He looks a little bit confused, actually. “Your costume is filled with Brume’s aura.”

“Oh gods, auras,” Bert mutters under his breath. “Priests never make sense when they talk about those.”

“I was with a priest until a short time ago and he never said anything about this,” you reply, ignoring Bert’s aside. “So it must have happened recently.” Not to mention Minnie could see auras too – though you don’t see a need to bring her into this.

“I would advise caution,” the priest says. “Brume is the waters, not the ocean, and lacks its own will. You may be drawn into something without fully understanding it.”

“Yeah, thanks for the warning,” Bert says. “Let’s get going.” He’s clearly not eager to continue the conversation.

“Wait. There is one more matter,” he says. “I was carrying something with me, and cannot find it. I fear our captors may have stolen it. It is very important that you keep it out of their hands.”

“Sure, sure,” Bert grumbles. “So what is this thing you’re missing?”

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