Swamped Chapter 143 Page 4

“We didn’t actually know who was abducted. Got a vague message, you see, and we didn’t even know who sent it,” Bert explains. “We just found it at our dinner table earlier tonight.”

“Which makes a lot more sense if these are all priests,” Mina adds. “Can’t say gods are swift to act in general, but with a whole bunch of your own priests captured… well, I can see how that might get one to make an exception.”

“But the ones we’re looking for weren’t caught that long ago. They were waiting at the docks for the Golem,” you note.

“Might have been more you don’t know about. There were what, fifty people in the seats?” Bert says.

“More than chairs in the warehouse, at that,” you muse. “I suppose that group might have just been kept under close watch until the theater was ready for them.”

You notice that Drip seems concerned, but he doesn’t say anything. Maybe he’s got thoughts that he feels are better kept to himself.

“Okay, so suppose it’s all priests, then,” Mina says. “Does that help us figure out what to do?”

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  1. They wouldn’t have those “ushers” on patrol if they could trust the magic curtains or whatever ritual is underway to keep the audience under control; or maybe it only works on priests and they have to be sure none are faking it. Let’s create a false alarm, one of us dressing up as one of the guards we’ve knocked out, to try to lead reinforcements away from the auditorium, so the rest of us can jump down from the catwalk and interrupt the speaker. Drip should probably do the fake SOS in case there is something in the theatre that affects only priests.

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