Swamped Chapter 143 Page 1

“I know the layout here. There’s a catwalk up high,” you explain. “I can go up there and get a more direct look at the stage.”

“It may be guarded,” Drip interjects. “I think it would be better if I were to go.”

“Whichever of you goes, I’m not inclined to leave you on your own,” Bert says. “Nothing personal – I just don’t know how much I can trust you.”

“If there’s two of us, one of us can run back and warn the others if need be,” you say, thinking about it. “Anyhow, I’m the one who knows the route, so that’s the quickest option. And I’m fine with either of you coming along.”

“Let’s go, then,” Bert says. “Mina probably wants to figure out what the chant means.”

“I’d need to hear it better,” she replies, sounding a little annoyed. “Though what’s funny is that all the Elerian words seem to be from a pretty famous monologue. Wonder if that’s just filler.”

“Told you,” Bert says, rolling his eyes. “Let’s see this catwalk of yours.”

You lead Bert up a stairway, then to a ladder. You don’t see anyone on the way, but as you reach the top, you spot someone glancing down into the audience. They aren’t paying much attention, though.

“I think I can handle that guard,” Bert whispers. “You take a look down below.”

You’re vaguely tempted to object, but your curiosity about what’s happening is too strong to resist. So, as Bert sneaks towards the guard, you glance down.

And the first thing you notice is something very unusual on the stage.

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