Swamped Chapter 142 Page 29

They’re wearing armor. Specifically, Redbelly uniforms.

Obviously too young to be members of the occupying force from all those years ago – but are they seriously dressed in that uniform in this town? Is that uniform even still in use?

You decide to leave that question for later. For the moment, you’re going to help them out of the mess you put them in. You rush at the group, waving your sword; everyone pauses for a moment to stare at you, but the Redbellies get their act together sooner, and punch the guards real hard.

One of them goes down right away. The bulkier one just seems to get mad, and grabs the arm that punched him. He starts twisting it, then shoves the man into a wall.

He then makes a move for the other Redbelly, but Drip’s already used your diversion to slip behind the big fellow and knock him out.

That just leaves you with one Redbelly who looks more than a little distressed, and another one who’s extricating himself from the wall, a little dazed.

“Right,” says the dazed one, pausing to stare at your mask for a while. “Who in the hells are you, and what in the hells are you doing?”

“I could ask you the same questions,” you reply. “Frankly, in that getup, you’d draw more attention than I would in this town.”

“We don’t have time for this,” says the other Redbelly. Looks to be a woman. “If this place is guarded, there’s a good chance the captives are here.”

“We suspect they are in the theater proper,” Drip replies. “We can lead you there, though I imagine there will be some comparing of notes along the way.”

The Redbellies quickly glance at each other.

“Think it’s a trick?” asks the man.

“It’s definitely a ploy,” says the woman. “Not sure it’s a trick, per se. They’re certainly not with the group in this theater, but that doesn’t mean they’re not from another Guild faction. On the other hand, even if they are, I’ve got no objections to helping the Guild tear itself apart.”

“We’re not Guild,” you say. “I’m an actor – well, that’s a side job, really – and he’s a priest.”

“Actor, huh,” the man asks. “Would that be with the Golden Rose troupe?”

There’s a pretty fierce look in his eyes. You think you’d best be careful how you respond.

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