Swamped Chapter 142 Page 28

Your first thought is that it’s another language, but you recognize a bunch of Common words. Maybe it’s a language that shares a lot of words with Common, though?

Well, no, because you’re pretty sure they just said abluni and you only know one language that uses that word. In fact, now you can pick out a handful of other words from different languages. They’re just shifting languages from one word to the next.

Is it some kind of code, then? They’re giving orders that won’t be easily understood by outsiders if they’re overheard? If that’s true, then you’re not just dealing with whoever’s on the stage – they must have underlings in the theater. You whisper your thoughts to Drip.

“If we ambush their leader on the stage, that will disrupt whatever they are doing. But it will immediately draw their attention to us,” he says. “Of course, it would not be the first significant risk we have taken in the last few minutes.”

“Yeah, but I’m feeling more worried about this one,” you say. “Guess I’m worried it might be a wizard or something.”

Before you can comment further, you hear some loud noises behind you, as well as some voices that you recognize now.

“Nice going, you blasted fool! That fox or whatever was leading us into a trap!”

“No, I don’t think they’re working with these people. Otherwise, why knock one unconscious and disarm that alarm wire?”

“We don’t really have time to think about that in the middle of a fight!”

You glance at Drip.

“Perhaps we should aid them,” he suggests. “We are, after all, responsible for their current situation.”

“Good point there. Maybe they can help us with the stage, too,” you agree. You run back towards the noise.

You soon come across a melee. It’s two-on-two. You only caught a quick glimpse of the other pair sneaking into the warehouse, but it’s enough that you can tell who they are.

Although, now that the lighting’s better, you notice something about them you didn’t before.

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