Swamped Chapter 142 Page 26

Your first thought is, if you just go out and greet them, they’ll be more than a little suspicious. And that would be true even if you weren’t wearing this mask.

Your second thought is, if they’re going to be suspicious anyways, might as well make the most of it. They’re probably headed where you’re headed, so why not lead them there?

You gesture to Drip to run. And for your part, you’ll be sure to make a lot of noise. You run past a big shelf and just push it over.

“What in the hells is that?”  one of the strangers asks.

“Might be kidnappers. I think it’s worth asking them some questions.”

They start running after you. Luckily, you and Drip are both fast enough to get ahead. You go out the window and run for the hidden door at the back of the theater. This isn’t particularly good for stealth, but it should at least be surprising.

You rush through the door and find yourself in a large shared dressing room. There’s one person back here, who Drip knocks out before you fully have a chance to process their presence.

“I assume you hope to lead those two pursuing to the captives,” Drip says. “But they do not seem to be here.”

“Probably either on the stage or in the audience,” you suggest. “Either way, if we head for the stage, we’ll be in good shape.”

“Depending on how heavily guarded this place is.” Drip glances at the unconscious guard. “If they had someone on watch here, there are likely more elsewhere.”

“But probably not too many, or they wouldn’t just have one in here,” you note. “So, I’m thinking we make a run for it and just try to catch them by surprise. I’m not against other ideas if you’ve got any, though.”

You run for the door. Drip says something just before you open it.

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