Swamped Chapter 142 Page 23

A pair of horses are trotting through the streets. Neither of them has a rider, but given all the muckbeasts you’ve seen tonight, two unaccompanied horses aren’t that strange.

But they’re not wild horses either. Wild horses don’t have saddles, let alone ones with saddlebags loaded up as heavily as these two. You strongly suspect whatever’s in there is the reason why they’re running off, though it doesn’t explain why they’re unaccompanied. They don’t seem agitated.

You glance at Drip.

“Got any ideas as to what’s up here?”

“I believe the riders have dismounted, for whatever reason, and now the horses are returning home by themselves,” Drip says. “As to why… well, given the number of patrols in this area, the first explanation that comes to mind is that much like ourselves, they are seeking to cause a diversion.”

“I feel like it’d be easier to draw attention if the horses were scared and running real fast,” you muse.

“Indeed, that does seem strange at first,” Drip agrees. “Unless, that is, you have sufficient control over the moment when it happens.”

“What do you mean,” you ask, just as you hear a loud popping noise. Then you hear the horses taking off into a fast gallop.

“I believe whoever is responsible for those horses has made their move,” Drip concludes. “Perhaps we should use the opening to make our own move.”

You take a quick glance down the street. You can see some people standing on rooftops, but most of them are focused on the horses.

But one of them is just across the road from you, and you can clearly see she’s looking down at the street. She’s sure to spot you if you go now.

On the other hand, there’s several others who¬†won’t spot you if you go now. So you think it’s best to deal with her, one way or another.

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