Swamped Chapter 142 Page 22

It looks like some sort of crab, but it’s far too big to be a coalcrab, even if you leave aside the fact that it’s the wrong color and shape to boot. Doesn’t look like any kind you’ve ever seen near the seashore, either.

You don’t have much time to examine it, though, because you figure the best time to set things in motion is while they’re struggling to reach the statue’s head. You toss the rock, and the lizards start howling random words at high volume.

“Fishlicker!” one shrieks. Must have spent some time at the docks to hear that one.

“On the double!” cries the other.

The noise startles enough of them to completely disrupt the stack; it doesn’t fall over spectacularly like you’d hoped, but they are struggling with their balance. And the cries have managed to agitate the strange crab, too. It starts snapping at the bars of its cage.

“You’re sure it can’t break out, right?” the lone guard watching it asks nervously.

That’s definitely going to keep them busy, so you run for the apartment. Drip’s already there.

“How’d you pull that stunt?” you whisper at him. But he just motions for you to remain quiet, and advance.

You head down the alley that most directly leads to the warehouse. It takes a minute or so before you can’t hear the singing any more.

“We’re not too far,” you tell Drip. “Just a couple more blocks.”

“But we do not seem to be out of trouble yet,” he says. “I see auras up ahead. Be cautious.”

You heed the warning and stick near the walls. As you approach the end of the alley, you can see more clearly what must have caught his attention.

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