Swamped Chapter 142 Page 20

On your side of the square, there are a couple of other side streets, but according to Drip, they’re being watched by other groups. Which means releasing the lizards into them might get those patrols’ attention instead. So, not your best option. You take a look around to figure out where else you can go.

There’s a statue in the center of the square. It hasn’t been well-cared for over the years – you can’t even tell what it’s a statue of any more. Probably not a religious icon, though – with all the churches of Nual in this town, one of them would have surely covered the upkeep.

To the left of the statue, there’s a fairly tall set of apartments, and to the right is a butcher’s. Behind the statue there are a few sets of mostly unremarkable buildings, with alleyways between them.

The butcher’s is pretty clearly locked up. The apartments are too tall to really do anything with. The statue’s not far enough from the group. That leaves the alleys. Which also happen to be in the direction you want to go in.

“I think we’re going to need to sneak the lizards past the butcher shop,” you whisper. “Then double back and go around by the apartments.”

Drip, however, seems fixated on the statue.

“But if you’ve got an idea, feel free to share,” you continue.

“I believe your plan is reasonable,” he whispers back to you. “I merely have an addition to it.” He hands you the lizards. “Make your way to the butcher shop. I will keep their eyes off of you.”

Minnie would probably be worried about whatever stunt he’s going to pull. But you’re too excited about seeing what it is. You carry the lizards over to the butcher shop, staying in the shadows.

A couple of the guards around the cage are looking this way, but if Drip’s as good as his word, he’ll be distracting them in a moment.

And when the distraction comes, well, it’s hard to miss it.

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