Swamped Chapter 142 Page 18

Drip is about halfway through getting up, so maybe you can signal him while helping him through the other half. You grab his arm and start pulling.

Then you opt for a little bluff.

“Damn it, Mantis! You need to watch your weight, I nearly pulled out my back lifting you!”

Using the wrong name should hopefully clue him in to your bluff.

“And I have sprained my ankle,” he replies in return. You think he’s trying to sound irritated? “So I would appreciate it if you could refrain from making complaints, Marian.”

All right, he caught on. You see a weird look in Sticks’ eyes at the name “Marian”, though.

Stones, however, gives Sticks a little prod, at which point he runs forward. While Stones, as expected, goes for the stall.

The bluff worked. It’s the two of you against Sticks, and he’s just got raw strength with almost no skill. It’s enough to bully someone, but not to threaten somebody with any actual training.

Makes you wonder a little where Drip got his. Regardless, a quick hit to the back of Sticks’ legs with the flat of your blade knocks him off balance, which is good enough for Drip to fling him to the ground hard. Sticks just groans in pain, and you start running for Stones.

He makes it to the stall and picks something up, but you tackle him before he gets ready. As it happens, you tackle him right into another stall, which hits him pretty hard in the head.

Hmm. That’s odd. You thought he was going for a weapon, but it seems he’s picked up something else entirely.

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