Swamped Chapter 142 Page 17

You remember one of your early swordfighting lessons: if the enemy has a weapon with further reach than your sword, that usually gives them an advantage if they’re competent with it.

These two look like the sort to mainly fight with their fists. With brute force, not style. Stones is probably going to try to change that, and for just a moment, he glanced at the fallen stall. Probably planning to grab something from there.

There are two main flaws in his plan, though. The first is that he doesn’t have the weapon yet, and the second is that Sticks doesn’t seem bright enough to catch on to the plan. So he’ll probably aim to get Sticks to delay you while he makes a break for the stall.

“Keep your distance,” he says suddenly. “Sword’s only a problem up close.”

“What if they throw it?”

“Then you dodge and they don’t have a sword any more. Or, if you’re too slow, it hits you and they have to come in close to take it back. Either way, you’re not dealing with a sword.”

Hmm. Not the order you were expecting – it doesn’t really keep you busy. Slightly distracted at most. So maybe he’s playing it safe until he sees a chance to make his move.

Well. You’d rather not take too long here, so why not create that chance for him? If you and Drip can make yourselves look preoccupied, that should get him moving.

Of course, you’ll need to somehow signal that plan to Drip without giving it away.

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  1. If they’re actually keeping their distance, you can help Drip to his feet. Then, feign an injury? You can let Drip know you’re faking it by calling him by a false name.

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