Swamped Chapter 142 Page 15

The key to a good improvisational performance is to take note of what you have at hand.

The stall behind you is opened up, with a small moss-lamp illuminating the space. Looks like they were planning to sell notebooks and quill pens. You don’t see any ink for the pens, though, which would be real useful.

But a big mass of feathers is a decent diversion, so you grab a bunch of pens and fling them in Fists’ face. Enough stay on him that he has to pause to pull off the ones blocking his eyes, giving you a good chance for your next move.

Namely, cutting his belt. His pants promptly fall, so when he tries to pursue you a moment later, he trips on them. Guess he’s not especially observant.

You take a quick glance over to the other side of the market to see how Drip is doing.

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