Swamped Chapter 142 Page 13

“The market’s not far off,” you say, pointing towards it. “We might have better luck there. Even if someone’s patrolling, all the stalls should be closed at this hour and we can use them to hide.”

“The animals might make noise,” Drip says.

“And then we can let the animals get spotted instead of us. It’ll be inconvenient, but it’s something.” You pick up the cat. “See if you can get those lizards to come along, would you?”

The cat doesn’t seem particularly happy about being lifted up, but it doesn’t really put up a fight. Drip, after a brief pause, takes a lizard in each hand. Their argument doesn’t seem to slow down.

As it turns out, there is a patrol at the market, but they seem preoccupied with someone else.

“You really expect us to believe you’re working a stall at this hour?” a rather large woman asks threateningly.

“The festival starts early tomorrow. I wanted to be sure we were ready,” says the unfortunate young man being threatened.

Well. His predicament is an opportunity for you to slip by unnoticed, but you’d feel bad about leaving him in this company, whoever he is. A glance at Drip’s face suggests he’s thinking the same.

So you’d best do something about it, then.

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  1. Maybe you can distract her by rattling another stall. When she comes to investigate what Drip’s doing, you can conk her on the noggin from behind! …Or maybe just encourage the young merchant to take his leave while she’s distracted, so you don’t get too hung up with this crew.

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