Swamped Chapter 142 Page 11

It looks like a seashell. Not one you immediately recognize, though, and you see a lot of shellfish living in a port town.

“Strange,” Drip mutters. “Most shells have an aura. This one does not.”

“Wonder if it’s got anything to do with the shell Minnie found,” you muse. “Hopefully we can catch up with her at the theater, then maybe we can try to figure that out.”

“About that,” Drip interjects. “There are more patrols in this area than I was expecting. As best as I could tell, we will have to actively slip past at least one to get closer to the theater.”

Hmm. That’s worrisome.

“Can you give me any more info?”

“I have seen three groups nearby. The first had quite a few members, I counted eight, gathered near some abandoned homes. Given that nobody lives in that area any more, I suspect it may be a base of operations. Most likely not our best option.”

“And the other two?”

“One patrol of five members, but they seemed to be sticking close together. Their primary concern seems to be protecting something – I could not determine what from a safe distance, other than that it seemed to be in some sort of cage they were carrying around. The last group has only three members. However, they are quite spread out on rooftops, and seem to have a good sense of sight; I saw them chase off some animals that wandered into the area.”

“They all sound like trouble, but the group with the cage is probably the safest,” you say, reflecting on it. “Then again, we might be able to slip past the big group if they’re focused on intruders coming to their base. And the rooftop group might not be too bad if we can find a way to sneak up on one of their members.”

“Regardless of which route we pursue, however, we will need to be careful.”

“Right. Going to need a plan, then.”

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  1. If we go with the group with the cage, maybe they’ll be distracted by their ward. And if they’re not distracted, maybe we can rile it up somehow without giving ourselves away.

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