Swamped Chapter 142 Page 9

Mistflower could be useful here, but you apparently used your last batch while you were under that strange influence.

You do have a flask of water, though. Maybe you can pull something similar with it. If you could heat it up fast, that would be perfect, but you’re no wizard and you don’t have a source of flame. Closest thing you’ve got available is this chimney, and it’s definitely not warm enough. There isn’t even smoke coming out.

You’ll have to settle for causing another distraction, then. You open your flask and fling it towards the letters. If this device or whatever takes in moisture, then maybe having a whole lot of water nearby will make it do something it’s not supposed to.

The flask bounces, and then seems to get pulled along with the water. Guess opening it wasn’t enough.

“The hell was that?”

“Looks like a water flask. Someone might be up there. Rex, get your crossbow ready, just in case.”

Well. One of them’s got a crossbow. Good thing you didn’t go out there yourself.

You opt to wait for the ladder, because you have a more desperate idea.

“Finally got it. Let’s move quick… Rex, why do you have your crossbow out?”

“We saw a flask up there. Might be someone hiding. Just being safe.”

“It’s not very damn safe if I’m up on the ladder and you panic and fire a bolt my way because you think you see something!” the leader shouts. “Gods, think for a damned minute, would you? Put that thing away.”

You hear the ladder going against the wall.

“But what if someone’s…”

“Who in the hells would be hiding out on the roof? Bunch of fools.”

Well. This could work better than you thought. You hear a few footsteps, so you get ready and drop your cloth on the leader. He falls to the ground, startled.

“What the hells? Get me out of this thing!”

Then you grab your flask, which seems to be attached to something. You don’t get a good look, though. More importantly, you pull the ladder up. Now you can try to descend somewhere else, before they manage to organize themselves.

You turn around to look for a good spot to drop the ladder. And that’s when you realize you’re not alone up here.

There’s a very large, black-furred creature about the size of a wolf standing in your way. And it’s looking at you rather fiercely.

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