Swamped Chapter 142 Page 5

Well. If this thing is taking moisture out of the air, specifically to keep the alarm from going off… then it makes sense if it’s higher up. You’d want to affect the higher air because that’s probably what would set the system off.

That means it’s either inside a building and probably relatively high up… or attached to the side somehow.

Like on a sign. And that’s when you spot it… one building has large wooden letters over its doorway spelling GROCERY, and you spot something odd nestled into the nook of the G.

You have a hunch that’s what they’re looking for. Not that they’re doing a good job if you’re right – they all seem to be scouring the ground for whatever it is. Which means they haven’t caught sight of it, and that also gives you a chance to grab it before they notice you.

Only problem is, you need some way to get it down from there.

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