Swamped Chapter 142 Page 4

The thing that stands out most around here is the water tower. It also serves as an alarm system – you never had time for the full explanation, but there’s a setup where if the air gets too damp, the excess moisture fills some tubes and causes them to make a lot of noise. Usually it’s a sign of a big storm approaching.

That explains the comment about drawing attention, but why? Do they want something in the system? That wouldn’t make much sense, since as far as you know, that’s built into the tower. And that isn’t where they’re looking.

So it’s something that would produce a lot of moisture if it were taken away? Or, maybe something that’s keeping a lot of moisture out of the area.

Well, now that you think about it, you feel surprisingly dry considering you were just beside the ocean not too long ago. So that could be what you’re dealing with. What could these people want it for?

You aren’t sure. But you feel it would be best to find it first if you can. If nothing else, the attention it would draw would most likely disrupt their plans.

You’ll need to be quick, though, as you don’t want to stay separated from Drip for too long. So you’d best figure out a likely hiding place for it fast. And then get to it without alerting the people searching for it.

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