Swamped Chapter 141 Page 5

You pause just long enough to be dramatic. You’re an actor, after all.

“It’s called the Winter Harvest.”

She looks somewhere between confused and disappointed.

“I was hoping you might have heard the name in the original language,” she grumbles.

Just as you’d hoped. Got to set expectations properly, after all.

“Oh, I see! I do know that, it just wasn’t the name I usually think of it as. It’s called the Leshkuut. Although I can’t promise I’m pronouncing that right.”

Leshkuut,” she repeats. Her expression is tough to read right now – but it doesn’t seem especially deliberate. You think she’s hiding something, but on reflex more than specifically keeping it from you.

In short, a secret she’s very used to not telling people. Might have something to do with why she looks so much like Marian and those other women.

You aren’t quite sure where to take the conversation from here. As it turns out, though, you don’t really have to think of something, because Drip interjects with a question of his own.

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  1. What was this smith’s name? Lekshuut sounds awfully similar to a word that comes up in certain priestly rites.

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