Swamped Chapter 141 Page 1

Your grandmother was an actress. She performed at the old theater well into her fifties, and would have no doubt gone on longer if not for her legs giving way. She still went to shows until the theater closed down. When it did, she didn’t last another year.

But she left you an important keepsake from her acting days. You’ve kept it in your dressing room as a sort of good luck charm, but now you think it may be more directly relevant.

“A key?” the priest asks, as you pull it out of the drawer. “It looks rather large.”

“It’s a stage prop,” you explain. “Got to be bigger than a regular key so the audience can see it. But the lock it opened worked like a real one, it was just big.”

“I’m having trouble imagining it,” says the priest. “A door with a lock that size would be rather unwieldy.”

“A chest, actually. In the play, it had a great treasure inside. So my grandmother said, anyways.”

“And you think we will need to unlock this treasure?”

He sounds confused, but sincere.

“Something like that. It’ll make more sense when we get there.” You pause. “Now, question is, what do we do with this egg. The muckbeasts didn’t even notice it.”

“It is definitely not something to be left in the care of just anyone,” the priest agrees. “Personally, I would be inclined to go to the main temple and leave it with the priests there, but that is somewhat out of the way.”

“And a bunch of priests have already been kidnapped tonight,” you add. “So we can’t be sure whoever did that won’t go after the temples for some reason. But yeah, this is clearly important, which means we’ve got to leave it with someone trustworthy.”

“Which is exactly why I don’t think you two should have it in the first place,” a booming voice says. You turn around and see the smith standing in the doorway.

Well. You should probably deal with that, one way or another.

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  1. Pocket the key and give her a chance to voice her proposal while you casually get hold of a spare costume, ready to toss it in her face if you need the distraction.

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