Swamped Chapter 140 Page 16

It doesn’t seem very likely. Any noise loud enough to be heard on the surface would be loud enough to startle the beast. So you’d have to do something that doesn’t make noise…

The lantern! If you hold it below the beast, maybe some of its light will come out of the hole. The beast doesn’t look to be blocking the entire hole, after all…

Well, at the least there’s a chance it will be noticed. You get a little closer and hold up the lantern.

“There’s light coming from the hole!” someone calls out.

“I can see that, you don’t need to shout!” Long’s voice calls back. “It’s probably the man I sent down there. So if anyone’s not ready, you’d best get yourselves ready.”

You back off and wait a minute or so until the noises up top settle down, and then you make the loudest crowing sound you can manage.

The beast’s legs start moving rapidly. You’re not sure it’s going to move… but then, suddenly, it does.

And a moment later, Long comes falling down the hole. You catch him before he hits his head.

“Guessing it’s not going so well up there,” you say.

“It was still stuck. I had to help it a bit.” He picks himself up and pats himself off. “It didn’t appreciate it. But they should still have it surrounded.”

Long climbs up the ladder. You suppose it’s best if you follow.

But when you get to the top, you see something you definitely weren’t expecting.

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