Swamped Chapter 140 Page 9

She’s upset.

“You think it’s funny¬†that someone ran off with a swamp beast’s egg? You know how rare swamp beasts are these days, and how rarely they lay eggs? If they’re ever going to bounce back, we can’t just let poachers run off with eggs whenever they like.”

“Pardon me, madam,” Long says, taking off his hat and bowing a little. “The gentleman’s words simply reminded me of an amusing performance I saw some years ago. In this very town, as it happens.”

You don’t think that’s what it was, at all.

“I wasn’t putting on a show there for you, you know.”

“Ah, no doubt. You wouldn’t have been in town back then, and I don’t think the show ever moved beyond the old theater. In fact, I think it was the last show they ever put on.”

Now you’re pretty sure he’s just messing with you. But you also were pretty surprised the smith was so passionate about swamp beast eggs.

“I’ve had enough of this,” the smith grumbles. “You fools can play whatever games you like here, I’m tracking down that egg. Don’t know why I thought either of you would be any help.”

She marches off before you can protest. Then again, she’s local – maybe she won’t cause a ruckus.

Long, however, just seems amused at the turn of events.

“Well! That simplifies a few things,” he says calmly. “Now, while we wait for the equipment, I’ve got a small favor to ask you.”

You don’t say anything. You’re definitely not going to give him the impression you’ll accept. Even if he’s probably going to find a way to word it where you won’t feel you have much choice.

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