Swamped Chapter 140 Page 5

“Do they have a lot of muckbeasts in Kandria or something?” you ask. You hadn’t thought about it before, but it could be there’s more to the large number of Kandrians in the Marshguards than just politics.

“Not usually. But there was a huge stampede of ’em crossing the border some years back. Heard the guards who chased ’em off got special training.”

“Huge as in, bigger than this one?” you ask.

“Yeah, hundreds of ’em. This is just a small crowd by comparison.”

“Where did you hear about that?” you ask.

“Parents were there at the time. Said it was a real mess gettin’ out, that’s why they moved to Port Sarvakken. Figured it wouldn’t be right across their migration route.”

Migration route? Hang on, now. You’re pretty sure muckbeasts don’t migrate… and if you say that she’ll ask how an actor would know that. Which makes you think she’s trying to break your cover story, and it’s possible that none of this is true.

Which means your best bet is probably to shift the subject a bit.

“Were either of your parents smiths as well?”

“No, but my aunt was. She owned the place before me. Wasn’t interested in raising kids herself, but she was fine with taking on an apprentice.”

“What did your parents do, then?”

The smith just frowns.

“That’s none of your business.”

“I suppose not,” you shrug. “I was just curious.”

You don’t see much benefit to getting her upset by pressing further. Besides, you get the sense Long is just about done relaying his request for gear.

Which means you should ask him a question soon, before he has a chance to ask you one.

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