Swamped Chapter 140 Page 4

“Where’d you learn to work with muckbeasts like that?” the smith asks.

“Well, that’s a story that’ll take a while to tell. It can wait until I’ve sent my gear request off,” Long says.

Well, now he’s getting evasive. Maybe there’s something shady in how he learned… not that you’re one to judge people for being shady. Your own past is hardly clean, after all.

“You can at least confirm my hunch first,” the smith grumbles. “Are you Kandrian?”

The look on Long’s face suggests he really wasn’t expecting that.

“The beasts may be harsh,” is all he says in response. Then he starts talking to one of the Guild’s workers.

Come to think of it, didn’t Spade ask the same question earlier? And Long’s answer then was kind of weird, too. But he seems significantly more thrown off this time.

Okay, well, the question could be a codephrase. And he either expected Spade to know it… or wasn’t surprised that he’d caught wind of it somehow. Yeah, that wouldn’t be too weird for someone high up in the Guild, as Spade seems to be.

But it’s a lot odder for a smith to know it. Especially a smith with a surprisingly common face – and Long probably has a much clearer idea of what that face means than you do. You’ve just got a weird hunch.

The other thing you realize about the question is that she interrupted your own interrogation. Maybe you were heading someplace she didn’t care for… or maybe Long was.

Well, you asked about the Flames’ wizard, and then Long mentioned the clinic. Hard to see what could be bothering her about that… though, if you tried to probe now, she’d likely catch on. If your guess is right, she’ll be on her guard.

May as well ask her something while you wait for Long to finish giving orders, though.

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  1. Ask about her parents. Did she take over the smithy from them? Were they Kandrian? How did she hear that muckbeasts have any connection to Kandria?

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