Swamped Chapter 140 Page 3

“The one working for the Flame family,” you reply. Maybe he knows a bit more about that one – at the least you can figure something out from his reaction. “I heard she was caught in an accident.”

“First I’ve heard of this,” Long says, but he doesn’t look surprised. “But then, wouldn’t be hard to find her if that were the case – she’d most likely be in the clinic.”

Not even evasive. You’re not sure what to make of that. Your best guess is that he’s realized you’re trying not to let him control the conversation, so he’s deliberately not trying until you get thrown off. That, or he just wants to see where you’re going with this. Which, to be honest, you’re not entirely sure of yourself yet.

But as you try to work out your next move, the smith speaks up. It seems she has a question for Long, too.

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