Swamped Chapter 140 Page 2

“Speaking of gear, are you going to need anything else when we go check the sewers? May as well send someone off for that at the same time.”

Okay, you know what his play here is. He’s goading you into asking why you’d be checking the sewers, and then when he answers that he’ll direct the conversation somewhere else that leaves you feeling compelled to respond. And before you know it the conversation will be over and you’ll be going to the sewers for whatever reason and you won’t have asked him a damned thing.

So you’re not going to play that game. You’re going to ask your own damned question.

“I’m fine,” you say. “You caught sight of your wizard yet?”

You don’t expect it to catch him off guard. Right now you just don’t want him leading the conversation. Of course, he’ll probably try to do that anyway.

“Which wizard is that?” he asks. “Pretty sure there’s several at work tonight.”

Hmm, more evasive than leading, actually. Not quite what you expected. Maybe he’s not sure how much you’ve figured out and he’s trying to find that out.

Well, the less you play his game the better. You know his sort – once you’ve agreed to their terms of engagement, they’ll walk all over you. So you’ve got to answer back in a way he’s not ready for.

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