Swamped Chapter 139 Page 12

“Well, I can’t say I’d see much point in going out to sea to pick a fight with merfolk anyways. I mean, it’s not like they’re going to attack us – wouldn’t they be at just as much of a disadvantage on land as we’d be in the water?”

She looks very annoyed.

“Bah. Doesn’t even matter, merfolk are just a legend. You must be from out of town if you didn’t already know that.”

She’s shifting the topic, so you’re definitely getting close to something. Might as well go along, at least for the moment.

“Well, yeah. I already told you, I’m with the acting troupe.”

“Haven’t they been here a month?” she asks skeptically “I’d imagine someone would have given you an earful about the merfolk by now. Newcomers keep asking about them, and we keep having to set them straight.”

“I was focused on rehearsals,” you reply. “Didn’t socialize much. But the show got interrupted tonight, and it was meant to be the last performance, so I guess I’m making up for it now. Don’t really have much else to do.”

“Hmmph,” she mutters.

Well, she’s not happy, but she doesn’t seem to have any particular thoughts to share. Which seems like a decent chance to guide the conversation somewhere more productive.

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