Swamped Chapter 139 Page 10

“So… what do you think caused the explosion?”

She doesn’t look happy.

“I hope that’s not an accusation. It hasn’t even been a day and I’ve already been hearing whispers that I set it up somehow. After all, I was miraculously unhurt!”

“The rumor mill can be like that,” you agree. “But, I mean, you use that forge, right? Do you have any idea what could make it go wrong like that?”

“It’s a forge. Main thing it does is heat things up. So, my guess would be something got stuffed in there that blew up when it got hot.” She shrugs. “Ain’t had a real look around, so I dunno what that might be. But I don’t keep anything in the shop that should do that.”

“Could it be sabotage, then?” You’re fairly sure it was, having run across the saboteur.

She frowns.

“What, someone slipped in and snuck something in there? It’s true Flame has his share of enemies, but how would they know he was comin’? And I can’t think of anyone who’d be out for me.”

“Well, I’m just wondering. If it was sabotage, do you have any idea of when it might have happened? When someone might have been able to mess with your forge without you noticing?”

“I was working the forge all morning. It was only about an hour after I stopped that Flame came in,” she mutters. “So it’d either have had to be in the coal for a good three hours without going off, or slipped in during that time. Didn’t see anyone else come in the shop, though, so they’d have to be real sneaky. Doesn’t seem too likely, but I suppose it’s possible. Could have rushed right in while I was takin’ out the trash, but that seems real risky.”

“If that wasn’t it, do you have a guess as to how it could have happened?”

“Only guess I have is that one of the Flames slipped something in accidentally. Why they’d have anything that could do that, I dunno, but that’s it.” She pauses. “Well, I guess they could’ve done it intentionally, too. Wizard could’ve, easily. Dunno why they would, but they could’ve.”

Hmm. The saboteur said he didn’t know there were children, so he probably set it up in advance. But he also didn’t really give any details on how.

Then again, does it matter? You know who he was working for. So maybe a different line of questioning would be more useful.

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