Swamped Chapter 139 Page 7

Well. If you get on the subject of her work, maybe her pride will kick in. Flattery’s always a decent motivator.

“So, ah, was any of your stuff damaged?”

“What do you mean?” she asks, eyeing you suspiciously.

Right, you should probably come clean about part of it.

“When we were dropping your mother off, I noticed something weird at your smithy. Somebody broke in and tried to make it look like they hadn’t. I took a look inside, and, well, there was a fight a bit later. Um, nothing was badly broken, was it?”

“Not any more than it was when the damn forge exploded,” she grumbled. “There was some stuff out of place, but I didn’t see any new problems.”

Wait, hold on.

“The forge exploded? Were you hurt?”

Probably not too badly, since she wasn’t in the hospital. But she seems a little uncomfortable.

“No. Likely would have been, if not for what I was doin’ when it happened.”

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