Swamped Chapter 139 Page 6

“Well, it got sidetracked a bit at first because there was a ruckus outside the hostel before we actually talked. And there were some questions about that. Plus, more people being involved in the conversation than I’d expected at first.”

She’s getting impatient. Best to move to the main point..

“But what it was supposed to be about, well… it was honestly kind of dull, on the face of it.” You pointedly look at her on the word face, and continue. “My friend wanted copies of some old texts Badger had.” You make another glance at copies. “I don’t know the details, just that they’ve got something to do with ancient magic or something.”

She doesn’t have an obvious reaction. She’s not saying anything, though, so maybe it’s time you got a question in edgewise.

Nothing too pointed, though. She doesn’t exactly trust you. Best to start with a question she’ll want to answer.

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  1. I’m sorry that your shop was involved in the altercations that ensued. I didn’t have the luxury to admire your handiwork in detail, I hope none of your goods were damaged in the fray?

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