Swamped Chapter 139 Page 3

You briefly consider chasing it out to sea, but it might just pop out somewhere else. Besides, you get a funny feeling whenever you look at it.

Then you see a familiar cover in the ground some distance away and get a thought.

“Maybe we can get it stuck in the sewer system,” you suggest to the leader. “Could you lift that cover up?”

“That sounds bad for the pipes,” a man to your right mutters.

“Well, I don’t think it can fit down the hole anyways,” you explain. “It would at least keep it out of our hair until Long’s done with the other one.”

“Suppose it’s something,” the leader shrugs. “I’ll go ahead and lift it, you lot work on herding it over.”

It takes a few minutes, and the leader doesn’t seem to be enjoying herself when she lifts the cover, but you manage to get the beast’s rear legs stuck. It’s not happy, but it’s not very effective at pulling itself out either. When it does seem to be making progress, you just prod it in the forelegs and that seems to throw it off.

“Think we only need him watchin’ it now, Ms. Mason,” says one of the Guild workers.

“Half right. We only need one person, but it should be one of us,” the leader replies. She turns to you. “No offense intended – you’re just a stranger.”

“Yeah, I get it,” you agree. You hand her the branch. “You know who best to give this to, so in the meantime I’ll go see how else I can be helpful.”

You glance over at Long and the other muckbeast. You’re not even sure what he’s doing over there, so you don’t know that you can really contribute.

There’s also a crowd over by the main group of muckbeasts. You can’t tell if they’re doing anything, but you do recall the smith is there and you could probably get some information out of her.

And a ship seems to have just docked. That’s probably the Golem. You don’t know that they’d want to talk with you, but you can’t say you aren’t curious about just who was after them. And, for that matter, why there doesn’t seem to be a crew ready to greet them.

You could also try to get directions to the theater, but you feel like you can be more useful over here at the moment. So you think carefully about what you should do.

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