Swamped Chapter 138 Page 17

First off, it might be good to figure out what you can see with this magic in you that you can’t see without it. You concentrate, and notice some sort of mass of ether in a nearby room.

“I’m detecting something. Have you got a spellbook in there, by any chance?”

“No,” Badger says. “At least, not that I know of.” He frowns. “Let’s take a look.”

Badger leads you in. There’s a bookcase, but whatever you’re picking up seems to be behind it. You go over and reach behind the wall, and find something wedged behind the shelves.

You pull it out. Badger’s eyes widen.

“How did that end up here?” he exclaims.

“Is there a story I’m not aware of behind it?”

“It used to be in the library. Nobody actually knew there was a spell in it, but when it suddenly went missing a while back, we started to suspect there was.” Badger grabs it. “But how did it end up in this room?”

“Well, the troupe was staying in the hostel,” you muse. “But we also happened to draw a lot of attention whenever something went missing. So, if someone here actually did steal something, they might hide it in an empty room, and lock it up so nobody thinks to look in there. And then they figured they’d slip in to grab it after the show tonight.”

“Which would have been a problem after we set ourselves up here,” Badger says. “And that might explain why Heron staged an attack on us.”

“Mr. Flame’s probably going to want to hear about this, then,” you say. “In which case, we might as well ask about who in town speaks Theletian while we’re there.”

It wasn’t exactly how you were planning to get the meeting, but it should work. Badger doesn’t seem happy, but he nods and leads you out.

You’re now Corvus.

Most of the muckbeasts have been caught, so you’re looking at this drawing of a crow you spotted. It’s probably meant for you. Poking around, you find a note.

It’s from Min. Says she’s heading to the old theater. Which you don’t know how to get to.

Well, not like you can do much about it right now anyways. You’ve got more immediate problems.

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