Swamped Chapter 138 Page 16

The main thought you have is that it’ll be easier to confirm if you ask him directly.

“Well, considering Flame’s got connections everywhere in town, he’d probably have some idea who speaks it,” you muse. “Or, at the very least, he’d know who to ask.”

“I don’t think it would be a good idea to disturb him in the hospital,” Badger says carefully. “Not to mention that the last I heard, it was under lockdown.”

Hmm. They’ll most likely let you back in, but it’s not so likely they’ll let you see Flame. If you can persuade Badger this is going to lead somewhere, though, then he might be willing to risk it.

But he’s skeptical of chasing hunches right now. You could probably talk him into showing you another book, since that wouldn’t be very hard – but going over to the hospital and drawing attention to yourselves for a meeting with Flame? No, for that you’d need to convince him it was a sure thing.

Okay, step back a moment. You’ve got an idea about Flame’s past, but you don’t know that it’s relevant to anything – certainly not to what you’re trying to do right now. What you feel more confident about is that this paper describes, in Theletian, how to make pure wind ether.

Which means you need some way to translate. That’s it. So all you have right now is, maybe Flame knows Theletian. And you don’t get the sense Badger knows if he does either way. Seems like he just wants to stay off the subject.

If you could prove Flame knew Theletian, though, that would be another matter. How could you do that, though? You aren’t even sure how you’d pull it off if you were a wizard…

Wait. You can still feel the mana root’s power. Maybe there’s something you can do with it.

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