Swamped Chapter 138 Page 12

“Selacus and Rostro. Those are cities, aren’t they?” you ask. “Maybe a translator moved from one to the other and used the name of the place they were living in at the time.”

“I suppose it’s possible,” Badger says with a shrug. “But it wouldn’t help us much. Those anthologies were made decades ago. If we were extremely fortunate, perhaps the translator is still alive and in Port Sarvakken, but even if they were, how would we find them? And what good would it do us, for that matter?”

He’s got a point. But then you think about the map in the book… and the magical message hidden in it.

“Have you got a map of the nearby countryside, by any chance?” you ask. “I’d like to look at something.”

Badger pulls one out.

“It’s useful when I’m trying to track down the path of a particular object,” he says. “You think there’s something about the locations of those cities? Well, Selacus is over here, and Rostro is here.” He glances at it. “Not much we can do with only two points, though. If we had a third, we could at least triangulate… although I’m not sure what that would even tell us.”

You don’t think triangulation is the trick. Your gut tells you that you’re looking for something else. But what?

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  1. The ruined village nearby is in a line with Selacus and Rostro. Don’t suppose there are any legends translated by an author with the name of that village?

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