Swamped Chapter 138 Page 10

“Anchor yourself to the earth,” you mutter. Then you realize Badger’s been staring at you.

“You look like you’re thinking of something,” he says.

“My grandmother told me a version of this story, but there were a lot of differences,” you explain. “One of them happened to be about the part where Jackie is warned about the pure wind. In the version I know, she’s warned to anchor herself to the earth if she confronts the raven directly.”

Badger has an odd look on his face.

“What were some of the other differences?” he asks. You tell him. He flips through another of his books, and opens it up.

“Everything you’re telling me matches up with a different story. The hero goes out to a creature’s lair at the top of a volcano on a dare, gets warned to anchor themselves to the earth, and fools the beast with a mirror reflecting the sunlight. And you’re saying Matilda told this to you?”

You nod.

“Perhaps she figured out some connection between the stories. Take a look at this one and tell me if anything strikes you.”

You take a quick glance through the other story.

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  1. At the conclusion, the hero is mentioned as using the powers of his magic mirror to bring prosperity to his fantasy kingdom. What’s striking is the moral of this story.

    Reflect not ‘pon that which you seek
    When risking fire and stone,
    The mirror’s timely glance procures
    That which were not shown.

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