Swamped Chapter 138 Page 9

You remember the story ending with Jackie using a mirror to blind the raven with the bright sun. But in the book, the story happens at night, and Jackie confuses the raven by making bird calls, and making it sound like her voice is coming from the moon.

You know a little about voice-throwing. You’re pretty sure that wouldn’t actually work – not without magic or something, anyways. The difference that strikes you, though, is that one story uses light for victory, and the other uses sound. Opposing elements.

And of course, the whole reason you’re looking at this has to do with an element, doesn’t it. But the only mention of it is someone making an offhanded warning to Jackie that the raven wields the pure wind. Never actually comes up during the theft, since Jackie just tricks it…

Hold on, though. This scene wasn’t very important, so you don’t remember it as clearly, but you’re pretty sure it was different. So maybe Grandmother was leaving you an important clue. What was she warned about in the story you know?

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