Swamped Chapter 138 Page 7

Dreamers of Alexandra: Secret Passion in the Jungle.

Okay, so it’s a steamy romance novel. Maybe he’s just embarrassed. You wouldn’t know, you never read the things.

Although, hang on. Wasn’t Alexandra a port city… or, wait, maybe it was a desert capital. Either way, you don’t remember it being near a jungle. And come to think of it, whenever you’ve seen one of these books before, the subtitle was “Forbidden Love”. Because apparently some people can’t get enough of that.

Then you quickly flip it open and the book’s not even written in Common. Or any language you recognize, for that matter. Even the letters are strange – there’s at least a dozen characters you don’t know at all, but the rest are all clearly from the Aedran alphabet.

So even ignoring the spell woven in it, this is no ordinary book.

“I think I get it,” you say after a while. “You can’t make heads or tail of this thing. You’re hoping I’ll be able to because I’m related to Matilda. Is that about right?”

“It would certainly help me out with a few things if you could,” Badger admits.

“And if Flame gets ahold of the mana root, then I’m not going to tell you anything. Well. Guess we have a deal, then.”

Badger nods. It’s clear he isn’t happy about this, but it’s not like it’s your job to make him happy. You tell him where the root is, and he runs off. A minute or so later, Spade runs out, then shouts some orders.

And then Badger comes back.

“That’s one matter dealt with. But we still need pure wind ether and a way to measure it.”

“You’re the expert on folktales,” you say. “Got any thoughts on what pure wind would be?”

He shakes his head.

“I’ve seen it mentioned in a few stories, but it was always incidental. Or something that a wizard happened to have at hand but the story didn’t say where they got it.”

You think about that for a bit.

“Well, maybe there’s something we can figure out if we look at those stories a little closer. Were there any that stood out?”

“I had the same thought already,” Badger sighs, pulling out a book. “And I even picked out a story. But I just went over it again and nothing caught my attention. You can see if you have any better luck.”

He flips the book open. As soon as you see the title, you realize that you know just what story this is.

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