Swamped Chapter 137 Page 13

“Elliot,” you say, walking up to him. “What’s going on here? You gotten yourself mixed up in something with these suspicious characters? I know you’re not staying here with the rest of the troupe.”

All eyes are on you. Which suits you just fine, to be honest.

“A friend called in a favor,” he says. Clearly he doesn’t want to get into the details. But then he glances down at the wheelbarrow. “Hold on, does she need help?”

“I’m not sure. She’s unconscious, but she doesn’t seem especially injured. I’ve even seen her moving a bit. Probably wouldn’t hurt to get her some rest though.

Elliot nods.

“Someone tell Spade we’ve got an injury,” he says, in a tone of voice that makes clear he isn’t interested in whether or not he actually has the rank to be giving orders like that. There’s a bit of a fuss, but after a while a man steps out.

He glances down at Marian. Frowns a bit, but doesn’t seem surprised. Maybe he’s already run across some of her various lookalikes. You think you’ve seen at least six at various shows.

“I think we need Badger’s opinion here,” the man mutters. This is probably Spade.

“Don’t need Badger to know she’s out cold,” Elliot says. You haven’t known him long, but you do know he’s never been especially concerned about authority. Probably why he never really took to the troupe, honestly.

“Fair point. Get her on a bed. I’ll fetch Badger.”

Elliot grabs the wheelbarrow and pulls it in. The rest of the hostel guards just look at you – not entirely sure what’s going on, but you get the feeling they’d prefer not to let you in because things are complicated enough already.

Thing is, you aren’t sure it’s a good idea to leave Marian with what’s clearly a Guild operation of some kind. It can’t be that crooked if Elliot is involved, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t trouble. At the very least, you want to know what they’re doing in there.

Fortunately, talking your way past a skeptical crowd is exactly the sort of thing you learned to do as an actor.

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  1. Need to get some personal effects from our room and make sure they weren’t tampered with. No, you can’t get them for me, they were hidden in a specific mattress, I’ll know it when I see it. No, it can’t wait, or they’ll run out of food and start tearing up the place.

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